Your personal assistant

What is Clac?

Clac is your concierge via SMS, Web app (chat) and Mobile App. Imagine the concierges of hotels and palaces who know their city like the back of their hands, and are ready to help with any possible request. Now imagine that rather than having to take a room in a luxury hotel and go down to the front desk to ask them for a service, you have their number in your directory. Well it's exactly Clac des Doigts, which turns your phone into your personal assistant. The number for SMS requests? 06 44 60 99 90. Or even better, you can use our Mobile app to ask to our Genie team.
. We offer a dedicated service for companies, more information here !

All your requests are processed by so-called Genius Operators.They are human beings like you, concierges who will be able to meet all your demands. They are called Maud, Sébastien, Julie, Adel, Alain, Malek or Jules.

Our offices are located at 10, rue La Boétie, in Paris.

When you register, if you prefer, you can fill in a pseudonym under which you will be identified.Let's say Gaston.The Genius Operators will see your requests appearing under the name Gaston, and nothing else.

We only receive text messages (SMS). For any photo submission, please contact us at

It is very simple: a monthly subscription without commitment to 99.00 euros per year. For each service, we charge 10% of the purchase price of a product and the cost of delivery, usually 10 euros. When you receive a quotation, do not hesitate to ask for the details, our Genius Operators will answer you in full transparency.
Your subscription is paid at once and you have 12 months of unlimited access to our service. If you don't wish to renew, you only need to unsubscribe from your account page or contact us by mail at

Our Genius Operators are at your service, 7 days a week from 9am to 10pm.

There are two types of service:

  • LNon-express service, accessible all over the world thanks to our network developed over the years. It is a delivery for example which does not need to be done within the hour or the day according to the regions.
  • The express service, which is available in Paris and in the suburbs (i.e. cities very close to the capital). It concerns deliveries within the hour or the day.

SMS is our specialty. But messaging is our know-how.If you prefer to place your order through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram, chat or even mail, we will adapt to your preference.

Yes, of course, either by SMS, Messenger or any other type of messaging that suits you best.

Your personal information is secured through the encryption of your data and storage on our server.
Your banking information is secured via Stripe, the world's number one bank data storage provider.

To make the processing and follow-up of requests easier, we prefer requests from persons registered.

Your needs

What can I ask Clac?

Absolutely just anything that is legal. Our Genius Operators are here to help you 7 days a week.

Here are some examples of requests received this month :

  • "Clac, I need 2 large latte, 1 carrot cake and a white chocolate muffin"
  • "Clac, my shirt has stains; you can find me a white Medium size shirt by 3 PM ?"
  • "Clac, I am stuck in bed, I desperately need some doliprane"
  • "Clac, I need to organize a breakfast to welcome a new employee"
  • "Clac, I need 2 wireless joysticks to allow 4 to play this afternoon"
  • "Clac, can you come and clean my house tomorrow morning? It's my birthday tonight and I will be exhausted tomorrow"
  • "Clac, can you deliver flowers to my girlfriend at her office in Marseille ? Can I add a little note ?"
  • "Clac, I would need a dromedary for a shoot tomorrow around Thomery"

More examples here.

Sometimes (don’t worry it is very seldom), we are not be able to meet to your request.Most of the time it is due to factors that we cannot control such as a product that is not available or a store that is closed.

Don’t worry, in such cases you will be able to exchange with an Genius Operator.He/she will struggle to find you an alternative solution.

If it is an error on our part we will send a Genius Carrier within the hour to make the exchange.

If it is an error on your side (wrong choice of color or size for example), we will make the exchange but you will invoice the costs of delivery of the Genius Carrier.

Any refund will be made within the hour, on your credit card.

Your payments

Clack, how do I pay?
It’s simple, we send you a quote and if you accept it the corresponding amount will be charged to the credit card associated to your account.. Do not want to store your details online? No problem, we accept payments by PayPal, single payment link and even Bitcoin.
Yes of course, all our services are insured with Assur’up, an insurance company registered under number 81168606200019 at the trade and Companies Register.
By logging into your account, you will have access to all information about you and your record.
You can change your banking data directly from your account.
It is very simple to obtain an invoice; you can ask us directly by SMS at the end of the service or via your account.
Do not hesitate to ask us by chat on the Website or by email at