About us

Launched at the beginning of 2015, Clac des Doigts is a personal assistant service by SMS available
to everyone.

Our ambition is to make people’s life easier. We have thus designed a personal assistant available 7 days a week with Genius-Concierges who respond to all your requests from 9am to 10pm. Clac des Doigts democratizes a service formerly reserved for the elite the concierge service, just like Uber does with private drivers. Our specificity is to use SMS to exchange with our users.. A simple, flexible and responsive way to always be within reach.

Your personal assistant by SMS fulfills all your desires, assists you in case of emergency and offers
tailor-made quotes: no matter where in the world you are, even without an Internet connection, Clac des Doigts makes your life easier..
We respond within minutes to all requests placed by our users, as long as they are legal.

The scope of Clac des Doigts has no limit: making a delivery of your favorite restaurant, picking up an order at Ikea, bringing you a can of gasoline when you break down in the middle of nowhere, booking of an exceptional concert,finding an express dry cleaner, last minute baby-sittinga private English teacher,a sports coach,,fitting home de furniture,moving your old apartment or transporting works of art just bought at the flea market...

All of our services are available everywhere in France, but express delivery is available only in
Paris and its inner suburbs (but soon it will be available throughout France). Our monthly subscription is 19.90 €/month and gives you access to reservations, quotes and free information.Other services are charged at negotiated prices including a 10% concierge fee.

Our number 06 44 60 99 90 is a regular number; SMS are not overtaxed.

Come and join 40,000 convinced users all over France and send your first CLAC, we are at your service.

Offrez-vous un assistant personnel

Clac des Doigts est une conciergerie digitale spécialisée dans la fidélisation des salariés