Who are they ? where do they come from ? How did they get the idea to create Clac ?

Montreal, 2007.

Damien and Albert met through a friend. It was friendship at first sight. Same interests, same taste for discovering new things. From this day on, these mates will stick together.

Their favourite game when they’re together ? Challenge themselves on Google search. Who’s going to find a Japanese restaurant that is open at 2 a.m faster ? Who will find an at-home chef for the evening ?

Everyday, they challenge themselves on something new…

Until the day when…

Damien Berullier worked as a watchery negociator. Selling exclusive watches was his proficiency. As to Albert Gardes, he was an Airbus A320 professional pilot. He traveled the world to transport passengers and cargos.

With help from their mentor Jean-David and with the desire to change their lives, they’ve decided to quit and jump into a new journey, something they’re both passionate about: looking for solutions to different requests, the fastest way possible.

Their ambition would be to democratize the concierge service like Uber did for private chauffeurs: Clac doesn’t have a selection and offers a service which once used to be exclusively kept to an elite.

It is with the drive to constantly innovate, that Clac was born. A 2.0 personal assistant, that works through text messaging, and is accessible to all. What are you waiting for ? Come and test us !