Stay Cool !

You don’t know what to do to keep your family fresh and cool. Ice cubes melt too fast and even cold water from your shower seems warm ? The key is….CLAC. This is the upside of having a personal assistant available 24/7. A Genius Runner ready to deliver an air conditioner to our client in 22 minutes. Once it’s been installed, everyone can spend a peaceful night.

CLAC saved its clients from the heat wave. With deliveries including sprays, fans, fresh water… Our Genius Runners outdid themselves bringing freshness to all of their clients !

One of our clients even asked to bring Mont-Roucous water as an emergency for his dehydrated baby. CLAC has done everything necessary to find a pack of water at midnight. After several calls to supermarkets, we found out there was a shortage. But gladly, our Genius Runner didn’t give up and persevered. And he did well: 30 minutes after the request, our client was served. One more happy baby !

Whether or not there’s a heat wave, CLAC is here to bring the freshness that you dream of. At the office or at Paris-Plage, a simple text at 06 40 33 32 99 is enough to order a yummy ice-cream, a freshly-pressed juice, ice cubes, a fan… There are not limits to fight the heat !

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Clac des Doigts est une conciergerie digitale spécialisée dans la fidélisation des salariés


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