Mission Impossible : « Custom- made bow-tie »

1) The preparation

Mr. Tran’s special request came in one morning with an ultimatum : “A wooden bow-tie with an unusual pink fabric has to be delivered before tomorrow for a wedding”.

Clac’s team has acknowledged the case and each one of us has chosen its role. The Agent Middle looks for fabric and communicates it to the client in order for him to choose the best pattern, while Agent Index searches the best boutiques that offer wooden bow ties.

Once the fabric and the bow tie were assembled, Agent Thumb sends a photomontage. No time to twiddle one’s thumbs, the client confirms the prototype and the price.

2) The making

Agent Index goes to get the fabric while Agent Middle collects the bow tie in the boutique. In the mean time, Agent Thumb negotiates with the tailor who finishes up the details. The unique design is ready to be delivered at the end of the day at the client’s office.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 13.42.04

3) The result

Mr Tran sent us an email to thank the entire team. He was impressed and amazed by our teamwork.

Thanks to the whole team ! I received the bow tie and it is really dazzling. You really are geniuses !

I will have to pass by and see how you make miracles happen !

I will post a picture of the bow tie on Facebook this weekend,

A good weekend to you all.”

Le client est ravi

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